TOP 8 Men’s Hair Products

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Are you unsure if you need a pomade, wax, or clay? It’s not a difficult decision to make. It can be difficult to choose the right product in a sea of haircare products for men.

Even the most fashion-conscious of us may struggle to find the right Mens Journal hair products. This is something we must change. It is important to understand the difference between a pomade and a wax, especially if you are dealing with a specific complaint like thinning hair or excessive oil.

This guide is straightforward and will help you understand the vast array of styling products on the market today. It will walk you through the various options and give you an overview of each product’s strengths. Continue reading to learn why salt sprays could be your best friend and how to use styling mousses.


Hair pastes are one of the most versatile styling options. They can be used on almost any hair type. Their water-based formula gives them a medium to firm hold that will last for days. These products also give your hair a little body when they dry, which is a great choice if you want to add volume to thin hair. A paste is a great product for those looking for a quick and consistent result.

Pastes can sometimes look a little glossy. A matte option is a good choice if you want to avoid shine.

How to style and apply: Before applying the paste to your hair, warm it up. You can do this by rubbing the product between your fingertips before you apply. It will harden once it cools to give your hair texture and body.

Hold Firm to medium holding

Hair type This product works with any hair type, whether it’s long, short, curly, straight or curly.

Shine: Semi-shine to matte, depending on the brand


Clay may be something you associate with spa treatments and school art classes but it is an integral part of every man’s haircare regimen. It’s a good choice, too. Clay is versatile and easy to use. Clay is easy to use and can be used for hair styling without stress. It also dries matte, adding texture and body to any style. Some evidence suggests that clays can have a soothing effect on the scalp.

Hair clays aren’t as strong as sprays or gels, which is the only problem. These clays are best for easy styles or those that don’t require product. Think Harry Styles and Brad Pitt.

Style and application: Use your palms to distribute the product evenly before you start combing your hair.

Hold : Medium hold

Hair Type: Suitable for medium/long hair.

Shine – Matte to low shine


Gels are a popular product for men styling their hair. They have advanced a lot since the days of wet-look gels in the 90s. Modern gels are stronger, lightening in shine, and water-based. They are versatile because you can restyle your hair once it has dried and set. Simply wet your hands and run them through your hair to return the gel back to liquid form.

Gels can also hold hair’s shape even after it is brushed out. If you don’t want a wet look but still desire gel, wait until the gel dries and then comb through your hair for a matte finish.

How to style and apply: This hair styling product is very versatile. Start small and work your way up. After hair has dried, apply a small amount to your fingertips and style the hair.

Hold : Strong

Hair type:  Any

Shine Medium-high shine, depending on the brand


Hairspray may bring back memories of the 1980s for some, just as gel can make people think about the 1990s. Hairspray can be used in many different ways, so don’t overlook it. This product is perfect for those who want a little bit of hold and can also be used as a finishing product.

Sprays can be used once you have created a style. Sprays should be light and matte to prevent greasy hair. To revive dull or limp hair, you can also use a volume-boosting spray that has a slight shine.

Style and application: After you have finished styling your hair, spray the hairspray at a distance of approximately 30cm over your head. Dry it off

Hold: Light and Firm

Hair Type: Any hair type. However, styled looks are best.

Shine: Hairsprays can have varying levels or shine but most are low-shine, unless otherwise stated.


Salt sprays and texture powders won’t hold your hair in place, but they are great for adding body to your hairstyles or if you have limp hair. These powders and sprays work in the same way as traditional hairspray. They add body to the hair and allow for loose styling throughout the day. You can think of the surfer-boy beach wave or the messy, messy bedhead look.

Be sure to keep your ends and mid-lengths short. If they are applied to the roots, it can cause hair to look drab and weight down.

How do you style your hair? Spray or apply directly to the lengths of your hair

Hold Light, but allows restyling throughout day

These sprays are best for hair types Medium to long.

Shine: matte


Hair wax is a popular styling product for men. It provides a long-lasting hold while allowing you to be flexible. Wax is great for styling straight hair or wavy hair. It has a medium hold with a visible finish. This makes it easy to style your hair. Wax doesn’t set, so you can style it throughout the night.

It doesn’t have the strongest hold so your hair might need more attention if this option is chosen.

Style and application: After hair has dried, rub the product between your palms to warm it up before applying to hair. Apply wax by combing the product through your hair to achieve the desired style.

Hold Medium

Hair Type: Straight to Wavy Hair – Not to be used with thin hair

Shine Medium-high shine, depending upon the brand


Do you love the retro, laid-back look of a pomade? A pomade might be the right product for you. Pomade works in the same way as hair wax and can be used on straight hair or wavy hair. It is also suitable for longer hair lengths. Pomade is great for those who need a strong hold or to sculpt badly-behaved locks.

Apply and style your hair: Use a little bit of the product, then rub it around until it is warm. You can build this product so you can start with a small amount and then add more as needed to get that glossy, shiny look. For a Mad Men-esque look, comb the product through your hair.

Hold Long and Strong.

Hair Type: Straight/Wavy Hair with Some Thickness (as the high shine can make thinner hair look greasy, or limp).

Shine, high shine, wet-look


Styling cream is lighter than wax and pomade. It has a moisturizing effect, making it an excellent partner for frizzy hair. Creams can be used alone to style hair, but they are best used as a base. They form the shape of your hair before you apply a finishing product such as hairspray to hold it in place.

To avoid looking greasy, apply the least amount of styling cream to thin hair. Styling cream can also be used to keep curls in place and smoothen frizzy hair.

Style and application: Rub a little product between your palms until evenly distributed. Then style your hair.

Hold Medium

Hair type For frizzy hair, this is the best hair style.

Shine Low, light shine

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