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The Brown Spectator is a journal of conservative and libertarian thought and opinion published at Brown University by the Foundation for Intellectual Diversity, and funded in part through the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the Collegiate Network.

The Brown Spectator is a publication distributed by concerned members
of the Brown University community, and is managed independently
of the University and the Undergraduate Council of Students.

The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Brown University or the editorial board of The Brown Spectator.

Design and Typography

The Spectator print-edition utilizes the Brioso, Caslon, and Garamond font families for its inner pages and articles; the Warnock font family for the cover; and a specially customized variant of Waters Titling for its masthead. The Spectator’s templates are the evolving work of its Production Editors, including Joanna Joly ‘07, Andrew Kurtzman ‘08, and, presently, Anish Mitra ‘10. The Spectator’s masthead was designed by Andrew Kurtzman ‘08 in 2007.

The staff of the Spectator will be glad to assist any like-minded publication with design and typography, in whatever capacity it is reasonably able.

The Spectator’s mascot, born in the fall of 2006, is a product of the brilliant artistic mind of Roxanne Palmer ‘08, to whom the staff of the Spectator remains ever-grateful.

2007-2008 Advertising Campaign

The Brown Spectator affords a unique opportunity to local businesses interested in advertising to the Brown University community. Second only to the Brown Daily Herald, the Spectator is the most widely read and influential on-campus publication, with a monthly print-run of two thousand copies for an undergraduate student body of approximately five thousand and five hundred.

Independently managed and funded, the Spectator is known for its dry humor and strong analysis of policy issues. Members of the Brown community respect the Spectator, even while frequently disagreeing with its political ideology. Indeed, respectful and off-beat dialog is the Spectator’s purpose, and will be the context in which your message is seen.

Because the Spectator is a monthly publication, pages are read slowly and carefully. The Spectator purposefully limits advertising space to one-eight of each issue. This means advertisements placed in the Spectator stand out and are seen again and again. And the Spectator is handsomely printed on thick, high-quality paper with professional typography. This means that your advertisement will look fantastic.


The Spectator is funded by The Foundation for Intellectual diversity (FID), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Rhode Island. Tax-deductible donations may be sent directly to FID via idiversity.org, and are greatly appreciated.

Proceeds will be used for:
• Support of The Brown Spectator
• Speakers who challenge accepted ways of thinking
• Conferences on differing political and social theories
• Speaker series featuring fellows from leading think tanks

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