Plan Quality Charity Haunted Houses

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Halloween is an important holiday that my family enjoys every year. For three consecutive years, our family ran a charity haunted home. This is a great way for you to have fun, raise money for your charity, and bond with your family and friends. However, it can be very stressful. These are some tricks and tips to make your haunted home successful and stress-free.

These tips were based on my own experience. I hope they will help you as you plan your haunt.

  • Make sure you have enough volunteers. Planning a charity haunted home is crucial to ensure that you have enough volunteers. Plan how many rooms your haunted house will contain and schedule at least one volunteer for each room. It is better to schedule at least two volunteers per room. This will allow volunteers to have a conversation with guests without being bored. Volunteers will return more often if they have fun.
  • Even though this is a charity event, I recommend that you create a schedule. This will help you identify the days when volunteers can help. It is common knowledge that a schedule is necessary in order to make the event run smoothly.
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  • To save money, you can buy professional props and make other Halloween props. Don’t make your charity haunt look so ridiculous! It is important to do all you can to make your charity haunted home a true haunted place. This means spending a lot of money on professional haunted house props. You don’t want to spend a lot on Halloween decorations. Make the rest of your props after you have purchased professional haunt props such as skeletons or coffins.
  • Build coffins out of plywood and cardboard with your friends and supporter. Grab old shirts and rags and hang them from the ceiling. Styrofoam can be used to make inexpensive Halloween decorations. Spray paint is also an option. Use dark colors such as dark orange, gray, and black.
  • Ask your neighbors for their support. When we set up a charity haunted home years ago, one of my first actions was to knock on the doors and solicit support from neighbors. It is vital to inform neighbors about the planned haunt. Sweet talk them and get them onboard early. Invite your neighbors to join you. This will make them feel more involved and less likely to be offended by any noise. You can also find out if your neighbor has an objection early and not wait until opening night.
  • Advertise, advertise, advertise. This is something I cannot emphasize enough. Charity events should be treated as a business. Advertising does not have to cost you a lot. Many news outlets will donate advertising space to charities. Contact local newspapers as well as newspapers from nearby towns. Also, contact local radio stations. Radio stations, like newspapers, will donate airtime to charity haunted homes. Flyers can still be distributed to promote your haunt. Flyers can be distributed at fall festivals, which are great opportunities to promote your haunted home. Make leaflets and find out when your local community holds an autumn festival. Advertise your haunted house to be a charity. Some people will simply visit your haunt because it’s a charity event, regardless of whether they like haunted homes.
  • A special room for children would be a good idea at the haunted attraction. This room should be a safe place for children to play, watch cartoons, and participate in other non-scary activities. Advertise this area in flyers and advertisements.

     If there are other activities for children than just going through the haunted houses, families with young children will be more inclined to visit your haunted home.

These tips should be helpful. Remember to have fun planning your haunt. Your final design will reflect your enjoyment of what you do. Have fun, be scared, and raise money for your favorite charity.

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